Ryan can help you effectively launch quality software


Deployment Workshop

Ryan will meet with you and discuss concrete approaches to improve your deployment process and launch products with confidence. We can discuss the length of the workshop and number of attendees to fit your needs.

Launch Audit

Ryan will go through your current launch and deployment processes and create a report on weak areas along with ways to improve them. This will ensure you have a good understanding of options and priorities for levelling up your launch processes.

Development and Launch System

Ryan will create a system for dramatically improving your software launch process. This includes approaches for writing clean code, testing it, running proper quality assurance on it, and finally launching your product!

Code Audit

Ryan will go through your codebase and create a report on practices holding back successful launches and incurring technical debt along with approaches to increase and maintain high code quality.

Full System Audit

Ryan will go through both your codebase and software launch processes to create a comprehensive report on how to both increase the quality of code in your codebase and identify ways to improve your launch process.


Ryan will meet with you on a regular basis to coach you through either the process of moving your systems in the right direction or make sure you stay on the right track and continuously improve.

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