Hi, my name is Ryan! I am a Software Developer with experience in many web frameworks and libraries including NodeJS, Django, Golang, and Laravel. My role includes multiple aspects. First, designing and developing front and backend solutions for multiple public and private sector clients. Second, research features and provide estimates for front and backend development. Finally, I lead projects and provide support and assistance to junior developers by reviewing their code and providing constructive feedback, working through problems with them, and provide resources for improving their code.

I have direct experience with many AWS services, notably, Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, S3, SES, Kinesis, and ElasticSearch. I constantly motivate myself to learn about new web development techniques. I have experience leading and contributing to many projects in which I was able to develop organizational skills, leadership skills, and working effectively with a team.

General Skills

  • Built RESTful APIs with Laravel, Node.JS, .NET Core, and Golang
  • Designed databases using SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • Deploy projects using AWS infrastructure
  • Effective interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills
  • Proficient at documenting API’s and code


II Project

The project is a early warning system for large companies to manage remote locations before, during, and after crisises like hurricanes, earthquakes, acts of terrorist happen.

  • Created GraphQL to build client API
  • Collaborated with other contractors to keep goals and vision for product aligned
  • Integrated remote systems into our API

British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure IoT Project.

The project goal is to expose data from MoTI internet of things devices for developers via a RESTful API.

  • Designed and built a RESTful API in .NET Core which made data available from Ministry of Transportation iOT devices
  • Created frontend dashboard with the Freeboard Javascript library for consuming API
  • Collaborated with Government contractors


A Pet social network for connecting pet owners together and building a community of likeminded people.

  • Built frontend with Vue.JS and Materialize CSS framework and backend with Laravel
  • Collaborated on features across iOS, Android, and Web
  • Documented changes to the project in Confluence

Wedding Buzz

A wedding planning app similar to Pinterest where users can map out all aspects of their wedding.

  • Architected the NoSQL database structure
  • Advised and helped junior developers
  • Reviewed code for frontend and backend

Revved Up

A B2B platform for users to buy and sell vehicles in realtime.

  • Created the PostgreSQL database structure and relations
  • Worked on PHP RESTful API
  • Integrated Websockets for realtime communication


A web app for content creating businesses to manage, pay, and give work to contractors.

  • Mapped out and built Laravel RESTful API
  • Oversaw front end development
  • Wrote extensive unit tests

Work History

Foundry Spatial, Victoria, BC

  • Designed and developed RESTful APIs for water management tools
  • Created GraphQL to build client API for early warning system
  • Colaborated with other contractors to keep goals and vision for product aligned

Freshworks Studio, Victoria, BC

  • Designed and developed front and backend solutions for multiple public and private sector clients
  • Participated in code review for multiple projects
  • Reviewed and merged pull requests
  • Provided internal project estimates for front and backend development
  • Provided support to junior developers in terms of training and assistance on projects

Lauder Media, Victoria, BC

  • Primary developer for client project
  • Managed client expectations
  • Developed EveryDeal in Django from beginning to current state
  • Integrated with multiple external APIs