Below are some of the projects I have worked on in the past. This is a subset of the projects but they represent pretty well the kind of work I’ve done in the past.

Kootenay Water Tool

The Kootenay Boundary Water Tool is a web application which helps communities and decision-makers make decisions about environmental and water resources because of this project. From streamflow and water level data, groundwater quality, climate, through to watershed reporting, the wide range of parameters allows for the users to make informed decisions about the province’s environment and water resources.

My role in this project was building the majority of the backend using Node.JS and GraphQL along with pieces of the frontend which is developed using Vue.

Conoco Watertool

The Conoco Watertool is a web application built to visualize data from the Halfway River by running data from multiple upstream stations and running the data through a machine learning algorythm.

My role in this project was scraping, processing, creating machine learning algorithm, and exposing the data for the frontend application using a variety of languages and tools including Python, Node.JS, Kubernetes.

Revved Up

Revved Up is a project which connects wholesalers and car dealers for buying and selling vehicles via auction in a web application.

My role in this project was to design and build a RESTful API in PHP which hooks into a frontend javascript application and mobile devices. I also architected the PostgreSQL database structure and relationships.

Revved Up is not a public project so there is no link to this project


PetVibe is a social network based on connecting pets and their owners together. It has many features including private messaging, events, different feeds for meetups, events, business directories, etc… It also contains a simple ad platform for businesses to purchase ads which show up on the apps and web app.

My role in this project is building the initial web application with a frontend with Vue.js and MaterializeCSS and backend with Laravel. I collaborated on features across iOS, Android, and the web app.


SwiftEditor is a project for a client that wanted to automate their WordPress writers task assignment and payments. It involves coordinating tasks and paying out bloggers via a web application.

My role in the project was mapped out and created RESTful API in Laravel, overseeing front end development, and writing extensive unit tests.

SwiftEditor is not a public project so there is no link to this project


EveryDeal is a web application that curates deals from many deal syndication networks and displays them in a user-friendly categories and interface. Users could create accounts and share, like, and comment on specific deals.

My role in the project was to build out the entire web application, frontend, SEO, backend, connecting data sources, database, etc… It is built using Django and its templating engine along with jQuery for ajax requests to Django API endpoints.

The EveryDeal website folded after the business changed directions.