Last Year

2017 has been a crazy year for me. I started off the year working at Freshworks Studio, a software development studio, where I got exposed to multiple new technologies and best practices. In addition, I was given lots of responsibility, which for only being my second job in development is a pretty scary thing to be tasked with. I became the head of the web department at Freshworks and learned lots of skills regarding managing developers, proper code review, communicating with clients, and estimating projects. This was much to learn in just a year, so naturally, I had to work very hard to get these skills. I was working crazy hours trying to keep up with the work coming in. Even so, that was probably some of the most fun I’ve had professionally in my life because I had control over projects and could shape them the way I liked. Around September I began feeling burnt out because you cannot work ridiculous hours forever. So I transitioned to another position at Foundry Spatial, where I currently am a web developer working on exciting projects that relate to water management and sustainability. It is a rewarding job as I am working on things which will help the environment.

This Year

For this upcoming year, I have some goals in order to make another big leap forward. It will take lots of work, but I think I can be successful in my endeavors. My most important goal is by the end of the year; I want to freelance fulltime, to diversify my income by not relying on one source of income, and give me the freedom to work when and wherever I want. I also want to write 52 blog posts this year consisting of one per week, and focus on backend development topics. I also would like to start an open source project. However, I am not sure what kind yet but that is something I will try and figure out in the coming months. Now regarding community, I will try and go to two conferences and start a monthly meetup for backend developers in my area.

So to summarize my plan for 2018 is to:

  1. Freelance full time
  2. Write 52 blog posts
  3. Start an open source project
  4. Go to two conferences
  5. Start a monthly meetup

These goals are not easy to hit, and it will be challenging to complete them all, but if I work hard, and with the support of the people around me I know I can be successful. Wish me luck!

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