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Your Dev Team Needs a Book Club

One of the easiest ways to level up your dev team is to create a developer book club. It may not seem obvious, but a book club can serve to keep developers engaged, help trigger discussions, and give good ideas to apply to your software products. Not many things can do so much to energize and help improve your team.

The first big bonus of having a book club is that it can keep your development team engaged. It does this by helping the team learn new techniques and see different ideas on building software. Doing this regularly can help make positive changes in the way your team thinks about and develops software.

Another thing a book club can do is trigger discussions between the team about concepts in the book. Depending on the book, this can prompt examining topics like coding styles, tools, and code review techniques. If facilitated correctly, these conversations can be had without a book club, but a book club is a great way to have them easily and regularly.

The last significant benefit of starting a book club is that your team will be regularly exposed to interesting new ideas that will increase your code’s quality. There are so many ways of coding in software development, and it’s good to be re-reminded of ideas that may have been forgotten.

I’ve seen many teams read books like Clean Code or Design Patterns and make significant changes in their codebase that reduce bugs and make the code clearer based on ideas from these books. If you are going to start your dev book club, here are a couple of books below I’d recommend!

  1. Design Patterns by multiple authors
  2. Clean Code by Robert Martin
  3. Refactoring by Martin Fowler

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