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What Mix of Appointment Reminders Work Best?

Building a good reminders system is an important step in taking your business to the next level, but getting it wrong can have adverse effects. The specifics for the perfect reminder system vary greatly depending on your specific business but below, I will lay out a general reminder system you can work off. If you need help customizing your reminder system to fit your exact needs please shoot me a message and I’d love to chat.

Confirmation upon appointment booking

The first reminder that should be sent out is right when the customer books the appointment. This allows them to put the appointment in their calendar or even just reference the appointment from their phone or email. This message should be sent via email or SMS and not a phone call because it should be something they can reference in the future.

Reminder one week before the appointment

The second reminder should be sent as the appointment comes closer. It is essential to remind the customer as plans change, and sometimes your appointments get forgotten. Sending it one week before is a good gentle reminder and allows the customer to cancel the appointment with time to spare if the timing no longer works.

To make this reminder even better, you can allow the customer to confirm the appointment directly in the email or SMS to avoid receiving a call reminder.

Phone call 3-5 business days before the appointment

If you have implemented the first two reminders, this final reminder will hopefully not be used for most customers. Still, customers who have not confirmed the appointment from the previous message should get called about 3-5 business days before the appointment. The call gives them a final reminder about the appointment if they missed the first two and reduces the chances of a no-show. Also, directly calling them allows them to reschedule while avoiding late cancellations or no-shows.

Picking the right mix of appointment reminders is important to reducing no-shows. The above is a good general set of reminders but depending on your business you’ll likely want to tweak them!

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