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Dealing With Technical Debt

Technical debt is something that every dev team has to manage. Often it is treated like something to avoid at all costs, but in the real world, that is not possible. With the fast-paced development cycles, it is sometimes necessary to strategically add technical debt to fit business needs and timeframes. The trouble comes when teams don’t pay off the… Read More »Dealing With Technical Debt

How to Write Effective Unit Tests

If done correctly, unit tests can significantly increase your confidence and code quality as you develop software. The art of writing effective and comprehensive unit tests is very important when creating quality software. It is a skill that takes lots of practice and discipline. When broken down, there are three main attributes that make a good unit test suite. The… Read More »How to Write Effective Unit Tests

Why Software Projects Fail

When a software project kicks off, expectations are often high, but as the project progresses, it can be frustrating to see it start to fail and not know what is going wrong. Understanding and looking out for the leading causes of failure before it happens can save your project and keep it on track for success. There can be many… Read More »Why Software Projects Fail

How to Properly QA

One of the most critical parts of ensuring software launches on time and without bugs is good QA. On the other side of that coin, ineffective QA can lead to a false sense of security and significantly increase the chances of issues at launch. I will lay out the essential changes you should take that will ensure you perform QA… Read More »How to Properly QA

The Three Biggest Mistakes When Launching a Software Product

Even the best software can have a poor launch if not executed correctly. With the fast-paced environment we work in, it is crucial to understand the biggest roadblocks stopping you from having a successful software launch. There are three big mistakes I often see in many software projects which hamper success. The first is poor use and timing of quality… Read More »The Three Biggest Mistakes When Launching a Software Product